Winter tires may soon be mandatory in colder climates as Canada pursues research on whether traffic accidents most often involve vehicles not equipped with snow treads. P.E.I police recently asked the transportation minister to monitor the number of collisions with cars lacking appropriate tires. Quebec already requires that all drivers install winter tires after noticing that the small percentage of cars without such safety components (about 10 percent in 2005) made up the bulk of traffic accidents (about 40 percent).

If this study proves that winter tires should be mandated on all vehicles treading through icy conditions, the U.S. might see new auto laws as well. However, the high cost of the tire requirement will likely prevent it from coming to fruition any time soon.

This analysis calls attention to the point that all drivers need to be aware of the capabilities of their winter tires. Although many people believe that all-season tires are meant for all weather conditions, these types of  wheels are not meant for snow and ice — a common misconception that can have grave consequences. Tire traction actually weakens when temperatures drop below 45 degrees. To ensure that your vehicle is up to par in the winter months, buy tires specifically designed with optimal handling and enhanced traction. Having the right kind of tire on your vehicle can save you from a chilly accident.

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