Dunlop Tires are well known throughout the world. The company is a partnership between two different companies, the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industry owning twenty five percent, and the British company, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company owning seventy five percent. In the middle of the 1980’s, the British Tyre and Rubber Company, Ltd. took over the Dunlop company, and now it is the Sumintomo location in Japan which makes and markets the brand of Dunlop tires. While Sumitomo did not gain control of the company, they did enter into an agreement to include the brand name of Dunlop into their own corporate name about eleven years ago in 1997.

Goodyear TiresThe subsidiary in the United Kingdom changed their name at that time to Dunlop Tyres Ltd. In 1999, another joint venture occurred between the Goodyear Tire Company and Sumitomo, and while all tires that are manufactured in Japan carry the Dunlop name, it is the United Kingdom’s Goodyear Tyre Ltd, that still owns seventy five percent of the market shares for the tires distributed through Europe and North America. The UK company has manufacturing plants located all over the world, and when the Washington, USA plant closed just four years ago, all tire production in the United Kingdom ceased.

There is a plant still in Birmingham, however they are very specialized, focusing on vintage tires for motorcycles and cars as well as about thirty thousand of the racing tires that are manufactured and distributed all over the world each year. The plant in Birmingham has their own warehouse, and their own specialized shipment center, and now, located within the compounds of the plant are high end hotel accommodations, offices and residential living spaces. The company has remained ahead of the other companies over the years, through their commitment to quality products and their highly competitive sales team. They import and export their well known brand name tires in many countries of the world, and they will continue to find success in the future to come.

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9 Responses to Where Are Dunlop Tires Made?

  1. We have bought a Mitsubishi car which came with Dunlap tires it said that the tires were made in Thailand they were shot after 38000 kilometers they are the worst tires we have ever had , considering that they cost1$170 in Canada ithey are 165 65 r14made by some rubber company in Thailand for Dunlop, no one makes this size tires so we had to go with a different size, they tried to tell us they would take 70 off, but we told them, we did not want their crap tires on our car no more, and to give us a different kind of tires, they would not do that, so we said goodby to Dunlap

  2. I purchased Dunlop tyre production date 3 M 5 R 1515. 225/65R17 .102H
    I done fitting &balanceing but in running it gives vibration all times at a speed 90kms on wards .What I have to do please reply me I will be thankful to you.

    • Could be almost anything from a bad balancing to a manufacturing defect to something else wrong on your car. Can you take the tires back to the shop for checking?

  3. I have a 2016 Nissan Altima it has Dunlap tires on it all of the sudden the front driver side kept going low so I took it and had it checked to see if something was in it well no come to find out the tire has 2 slices on the inside like the tread is coming off. I only have 42,000 miles on it. I would like to know are the tire still under warranty if so how do I get this taken care of?

  4. Mine too, no slices , but the left front slipped a trad or something 30,000 miles. I just bought 2 new tires. Not Dunlop.

  5. I bought a set of Dunlops in 2015 which were made in a Goodyear plant in upstate New York. The plant was subsequently sold to a Japanese firm. The tires were fine, but the car was totaled in 2016.I don”t know whether I can still buy them.

  6. “…and the British company, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company owning seventy five percent.”
    Wow, just wow. Goodyear a British company? We used to be able to use the “R” word to describe a statement such as this. To describe both the statement and the author.

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