With so many options and tires to choose from, it can be a hard decision to find just the right tires for your truck. One of the biggest factors when making that decision is the tire size. Each make and model of vehicle comes from the dealership with a specific tire size; not that other sizes won’t fit, just the stock tires are the ideal tires for most people and most driving situations. If you are considering getting new tires in a different size there are a couple things to keep in mind.
One of the first things to consult when considering getting bigger tires is your vehicle’s owner’s manual . Inside you will find helpful information on your vehicles tires as well as the effects on load capacity and gas mileage. More specific questions can also be directed to the dealership who has a lot of experience and knowledge about your specific vehicle and can probably tell what works and what doesn’t.

There are several things that factor into the size of your tire. The first is the size of your truck. A Chevy S-10 is not going to be able to accommodate the same size tires as a Dodge Ram . Also the style and size of your truck rims will effect the maximum size tires you can put on your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle make and model, you can sometimes fit up to 33″ tires on your truck if it is un-lifted. Although bigger ones might fit, they can interfere you’re your vehicles balance and suspension. However, if your truck is lifted it could accommodate tires of 37″ or more depending on the size of the lift.

As with most things it is best to consult an expert before you make any purchases. They can advise you about what your specific vehicle can handle so that you can be safe out there on the road.

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    • Hello Craig,

      I apologize for the delayed response. If you are still looking for a tire, we have a feature on our website where you can put your vehicle’s information and it will show you all the tire sizes that will work. Please don’t hestiate to call us at 888-926-2689

      Thank You,
      Performance Plus

  1. I have a Ford Ranger 3.0 v 6 , i want to put 235/75 R 15 it came stock with 225/70 R 15 can i do this without harming the drivetrain or motor

    • Good video explaining the basics. Our website is built to offer you the rims and wheels that fit your vehicle without rubbing or modification and without you having to use a tape measure and guessing.

  2. I have a 2012 Ram 2500 4×4 Crew Cab with 265/70R17s on 17×7.5 steel wheels with +45 mm offset – and I want to go up to 18″ wheels.
    My choices seem to be:
    1) 275/70R18s on an 18×8 rim with +57 mm offset, or
    2) 295/70R18’s on an 18×9 rim with +18 mm offset.
    My choices of rims are a little limited as I am looking for a plain matte black wheel – I am trying to fill-out the wheel wells without the monster truck look…..
    Q1 – will going from +45 mm to +57 mm cause problem with stress on bearings, etc. ???
    Q2 – will a 295/70R18 wheel be too much and rub somewhere ???
    thanks, tony

  3. I have a 2002 gmc sonoma 2wd sl regular cab truck, I am getting a rough country 2″ lift designed for 2wd trucks and they recommend putting a 30×9.5r15 size tire on, will this size of tire fit on my truck if I had a lift, I want to try and avoid trimming if possible thanks

    • Hi Jance, we do a lot of lift installations, and the answer about if it will require trimming is almost always “it depends”. Depends on the offset of the heels, the size (and make and model) of tire, and just the truck itself. Usually it’s a very minor trimming that we can easily handle at the shop without any issues. It’s hard to imagine taking a Sawzall to your baby, but you’d be surprised how mice it can look once it’s all done!

    • Hi Hannah,

      “It depends” is the answer I will have to use! Depends on the wheel, if you’ve made any modifications (lift or lowering) to the truck. We can usually give you a safe size if you want to go wider to taller. What is the year, make and model of your truck?

      – Tom

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