There is a shelf life to car and truck tires. Even when a tire is not being used, the rubber will weaken and crack over time due to environmental conditions, and just simply the age of the rubber materials. Over the years, many have experienced the unpleasant situations that arise when a car tire blows unexpectedly, either on the highway traveling at high speeds, or out in the middle of no where while taking a trip.

Many tire experts have come forward to say, and one British tire company even issued warning statements to their consumers, that tires that are ten years old or more should be replaced, whatever the obvious wear and tear may appear to be, or not to be. And for tires that do not get regular use, such as spare tires, they should be replaced every six years, again regardless of the wear on the tread. In the past years, there have been lawsuits pursued in the United States alone, wherein in tire problems have caused major car collisions. One man stated that while he had not driven his antique vehicle for eleven years, and the tires had been new, he hit a small bump on the road and found himself and his car spinning down the street. He stated that the tires on his vehicle looked just fine, and appeared to be in perfect condition.

In the United States, the tire industry has even stepped up to say that it is more than just the shelf life that must be considered. For even if the date of manufacture is on the tire, the conditions in which that tire is stored will play a key role in just how well the materials will remain safe and viable. Many people too, they state, will get the wrong impression about the tires they are using on a day to day basis. For safety’s sake, the mileage should always be considered when considering the purchase of new tires. That, and the regular driving habits of the owner and the environmental conditions in which the tire is used on a daily basis. Tire maintenance is extremely important as it is one of the key safety features of one’s vehicle, and due attention must be paid to ensure that continued safety on the road.

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