PPTTour1No one can say what the ultimate road trip of all time is, as most people have a specific trip they took in mind if you were to ask them, and who can say that anyone’s taken them all? As many people there are who drive, there are at least as many favorite road trips!

Some may say that it’s a road trip across the country, east to west, west to east, turning back time and jumping to the future as you cross over time zones. Others would say a natural destination trip, like going to the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. Whether it’s the destination or the adventurPPTTour2es that lead up to where you are going, that make a great road trip for you, it’s important to make the most of your road trips this spring, by looking at our top five US road trip ideas.

As we were saying, it is extremely difficult to state the greatest specific road trips, but we are just going to give you our top five US road trip ideas and things to think about while planning your upcoming spring road trip.

  • “It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination” – First, if you are looking for a road trip that is all about the sights and sites you see along the way, then there are a few American roads that you absolutely must work into your trip. Route 66, the Lincoln Highway, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Overseas Highway, the Patchwork Parkway, the Texas Tollway, and Route 100, are all roads that were almost designed for sightseeing. They each have unique geographical and architectural features, that make the drive down them like a walk through an art museum. With bridges expanding over miles of clear blue water, or a roadway with an 85 mph speed limit, these roads can make your road trip an adventurous one.
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  • “It’s About the Destination, Not the Journey” – Second, If the destination of your road trip is what you care about, and that destination is one involving natural beauty and geographical landmarks, then this spring you have plenty of amazing choices. If you are willing to take the trip north, what better way to shake off the recent winter’s cold, than to use this spring to head to an Alaskan hot spring! Or, if you are looking for a southern adventure, head down to the Florida Keys, where the activities are just as exciting as the sights. East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, or the Appalachians, there are literally hundreds of destinations calling you!
  • “I Want to Experience Something New” – Third, if you are wanting a road trip full of interesting things to do, it probably isn’t going to be found on your smartphone. What makes a road trip different than average-everyday life, is by experiencing new things. Finding different places to go on your road trip can make it something very special. Pick a direction and, after a couple hours on the highway, take the next off-ramp and keep driving. Keep your eyes peeled, and you’re sure to see signs of interesting things to do, local flea markets, farmer’s markets, car shows, museums, and nature tours are just a few of the interesting things you’ll find along the way. Don’t forget to take pictures and a couple of choice souvenirs.
  • “I Want to Spend Time with My Family and Friends” – Fourth, if you are taking this spring to go on a road trip with friends or family, make that trip about The social aspects of a road trip can be unparalleled. Whether you have known the person or people with you since you were a child, or whether you are just starting to become friends, your road trip can be your favorite if you are spending it getting to know your car group. Road trip games, deep conversations, and all-out singing and dancing parties, while cruising down a highway, can make friends family (Try to keep a light atmosphere. Getting stressed out in traffic or during a breakdown is one sure way to turn your road trip into a nightmare!). One of our favorite ideas is to burn a CD or two of your favorite songs, something you won’t get sick of after listening a dozen times, and preferably something you can sing along to. In the future, the next time you hear those songs, you’ll remember how much fun you had on your road trip!
  • “I’m Not Sure Where I’m Going, but I’m Going” – Fifth, and finally, a road trip can be amazing if you plan, but not too much. Spontaneity can make a good road trip, an amazing one. Be ready for whatever the open road has in store for you.

Enjoy the ride, wherever you go. As the season changes into spring, let your road trip plans end up being the adventures you talk about for the many years to come.

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