Speaker:  Glen from Performance Plus


This is Glen from Performance Plus and we’re going to be reviewing the U.S. Indy Mag U101 wheel, or the dish mag.


The U.S. Indy Mag was a name that’s been around for many, many years, along with Cragar, Ansen, American Racing back in the ‘60s. It got out of production a number of years ago and it’s recently been brought back. The whole intent of bringing the U.S. Indy Mag line back was to go after the retro cars, to make wheels like they made back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and I think they’ve accomplished it with this wheel.


Again, this is a dish mag. They’ve even gone as far as using the screw-on caps as a mount. As a kid, I used to do mounting and balancing and put these things on there. I hated these kind of caps because it took so long to screw every one of these screws in there and you got five per wheel and you got four wheels. I mean, it took an extra 20, 30 minutes just to do a mounting or balancing project.


They’ve done a nice job with the polishing. They’ve actually polished the windows, which on some of the older dish mags, they didn’t have a polished window so they didn’t look really nice. Some of them actually painted it black or just left it that rough cast finish.


The sizes of these that are available are 5”, 7, 8, and 9’s, and they are available only in a 15” diameter. They’re five-lug only and they’re made, again, for the older muscle cars like the Camaros, the Mustangs, the El Caminos, Chargers, Challengers, Road Runners.


They also make it for the Dodge Dart. The Dodge Dart had a unique bolt pattern. It was a five on four and there’s very few wheels these days that are available in a five on four bolt pattern. So, if you’re looking for a wheel for your Dodge Dart, eureka! You found it.

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