What relationship to Formula One, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Corvette, Jaguar, Land Rover, Smart, Lexus, and trucks have in common? This might take you a minute, but we’ll save you some time and come right out and say it: They’ve all had wheels designed and manufactured by Tiger Sports Wheels. Founded by Formula One driver Eddie Keizan, in 1960s South Africa, Tiger Sports Wheels would go on to produce OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheels for many of the most important car companies in the world.

By 2001, the company would split, leaving Tiger Wheels and Germany’s ATS Wheels to produce OEM wheels. While TSW Alloy Wheels would continue to expand into the aftermarket wheels market. Since then, TSW has moved its headquarters to California and significantly restructured its offerings, even adding several brands specific to off-road, sport, and luxury makes. Under the TSW Wheels brand, you’ll find a wide array of wheels, designed to look and perform better than factory and engineered to be safe while doing it.

As befitting its Formula One roots, TSW Wheels names most of its designs after renowned or notorious race tracks, such as Bristol, Interlagos, and Nurburgring – racing and track terms, too, such as Chicane, Mechanica, and Sprint. If “race-inspired” is how you’d like your car to stand out in a crowd of ho-hum vehicles, then TSW Wheels deserve your consideration. TSW Wheels has design, finish, size, offset, backspacing, and lug options for nearly every vehicle on the market. TSW Wheels specializes in one-piece forged alloy wheels,

Established in 1971 and dedicated to automotive customization, Performance Plus Tire & Auto, in Long Beach, CA, is just an hour from TSW Wheels headquarters, in Brea. With over 5,000 custom wheels in stock and over 6,000 tires in stock, Performance Plus Tire & Auto likely has what you need, ready for installation that same day, or as soon as next-day shipping across the country. Be sure to check out the TSW Wheel Configurator, to see how different TSW Wheels look on your ride, and then give us a call or stop in to see what tire and wheel mounting, balancing, and installation options are available.

Hank Feldman’s Performance Plus Tire & Auto has served the SoCal region, for over 35 years, with custom wheels from all the top makers in the business, with tires and suspension custom-fit for your ride. We don’t just do tires and wheels, though, as we also offer a full suite of professional automotive maintenance, diagnostic, and repair services.

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2 Responses to TSW Wheels at Performance Plus Tire & Auto

  1. I cannot pick a Odell when you do not list corvette. I’m putting the offset trailing arms to put a ten inch wile wheel at least just waiting for the car to be finished up to compare to the ten inch that are on there. As they have that 80’s hot rod look sticking way out. Just want to get them tucked all the way in where they belong and give it more of the sleeper look

  2. Ideally I’d love to find what would look close to the old a senior 5slots. Like to find two wheels with 5.5 at most on the backspace or 5.25-5.0 I will be a Lott better as far as what backspace for sure when I get closer to being able to order some. Thank you and if you know of any other five slots that may even be able to be as wide as 12″ I hope that would really go with the look of the car. It’s an old 81 corvette that’s had a lot spent in the motor dept. thank you Rick bonnell

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