The economy is tight and people are trying to figure out ways to save money by taking on certain repair and enhancement projects on their own. While much of the attention is given to home improvement, there is much that people can do for their car without paying a professional. Many people are learning to change their car’s oil, rotate tires, or even do minor car repairs, all in the name of saving money. They also get more than a bit of personal satisfaction from a job well done.

There are some projects, however, that may sound simple, but actually require specialized equipment or knowledge. One such project is dipping car rims . This allows car owners to dip plain alloy rims in chrome, so that they have a shiny, polished appearance. Since chrome rims cost so much more than plain ones, they hope to be able to do the dipping themselves and pocket the difference.

Chrome finish is not the same a paint. In order to dip a wheel, an electroplating process is employed. This requires special chemicals and machinery in order to make the new metal adhere to the rims. Most individuals can’t afford such machinery for just one project. Instead, they will need to find a company that offers professional dipping services. These companies can usually be found by checking area directly listings or asking local tire dealers or mechanics for recommendations.

Most chrome plating companies work the same way. Rims are delivered to the company, either in person if the company is nearby or shipped there. The actual process can take several weeks, depending on the backlog at the company. When the rims are ready, they are either picked up in person or shipped back by the company to the owner. An alternative process is known as a core exchange. In this case, the company ships a set of dipped rims that match those on the driver’s car and the driver ships their undipped rims to the company. This is much faster, but the company must have the same rims in stock from a previous exchange.

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