Vehicles are one of those great inventions that we tend to take for granted. Kind of like cell phones until we loose reception and then we don’t know what to do. Cars are great until we blow a tire and are left wondering what happened. Unlike cell phones we do have a good deal of control over whether or not they work. With proper maintenance your car will run smoothly and you’ll be able to identify the problem and take care of it before it blows up in your face.


One of the biggest problems that most people have with their vehicles is a flat tire. We have all heard stories from friends and family about being stranded on the side of the road with a flat and having to wait hours for a tow truck. While there are accidents and problems that come out of nowhere, most tire problems could be avoided by keeping your tires properly inflated and performing frequent tread test.

A tread test should be done every couple weeks regardless of the age of tires . Even new tires can catch a nail or develop a split that when found early could prevent a blow out .

Checking your vehicles tread is an easy process. It doesn’t require any special tools, just your eyes and a Lincoln penny.

To start the test it’s a good idea to give your tires a good once over. Look them over carefully for signs of excess wear, balding, nails or other sharp objects, bulging, or any other abnormalities. This is also a good time to do a visual inspection of the tread. You should be able to see clearly defined ridges separating each section of the tread, if not it’s time to replace your tires.

Another great way to check your tire tread is with the classic Lincoln penny test. It’s really simple to perform and will give you a good standard from which to base your tires wear. Start with a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down facing you. Then place the penny, in this position, between the sections of tread. If you can’t see the top of Lincoln’s head then your tires are still good; however, if you do see the top of Lincoln’s head then it is time for some new tires.

Tires play an important role in keeping your vehicle running safely and smoothly . Keeping your tires properly inflated and not excessively worn is the best way to keep your vehicle on the road and accident free.

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