Building your own “hot rod” car is easier than it may seem. Many companies offer complete kits, all that you need to “do it yourself”. Building a hot rod, especially out of an older model car, can be a rewarding and an extremely fun experience. One of the easiest packages to understand and to work on yourself, is the Easy Ford. The older Ford pick-ups used the Model A chassis through the 1950’s. These are engines that are easy to understand, small, and easy to work on.

The first decision to make, is what kind of hot rod you want, what style and model. Once you have decided, it is time to find that frame. If the look of the car is not your concern, then any generic and inexpensive frame will do just fine. You then may need to modify the frame, taking off the mounts or brackets that are not necessary, but adding a new support frame to the interior for safety and sturdiness. When you begin to work on the undercarriage the first step will be to remove the original suspension system. This will also be necessary to do on the rear axle. Once this is finished you will be done to the bare frame of your soon to be “new” hot rod. Once this is done, you will want to sandblast that frame, making sure to clean it thoroughly as the new welding will not adhere to rust or to grease.

One of the ways to make certain that your new car will be level, is to buy a kit that has a rectangular or a square frame. Once this step is complete it is time to think about the engine and the new suspension. Decisions are sometimes based solely on how much money you have to spend. Once the suspension has been installed, check and double check that it is in alignment with the steering. Everything from the mounting of the engine and the transmission, and even the placement of the gas tank will be up to your discretion and to your own creative desires. Once your new hot rod is running, you will have many hours ahead, adding bits of chrome and personal touches that will end with a unique and one of a kind hot rod, built with your own two hands.

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