Hot rods; one of America’s favorite classic cars . What began as a teenage obsession for fast cars in the 1920’s grew into a full-fledged custom car craze that continues to this day. New or old, custom or classic hot rods are joy to own and drive but they do some work maintain.

The general maintenance required for a hot rod includes all of the typical items –such as checking the tire pressure, maintaining proper oil and fluid levels, and performing frequent oil changes–and then some. Many hot rods have specialized parts such as a four-barreled carburetor or drag tires that require extra care to keep them in prime operating condition. Using your hot rod for racing will also necessitate more attention being given to your hot rod as well as more frequent maintenance checks to keep it running in peak condition.

Like any vehicle hot rods require time and money for proper upkeep, but they can also be a lot of fun to customize. There are a wide variety of accessories for hot rods available to help you make your hot rod unique.

A new set of rims or wheel caps and trim rings can help your tires stand out; especially if you have drag racing tires or classic white walled tires. They can also be ordered or painted to match your hot rod’s paint job or racing strips.

When it comes to customization, especially for a show hot rod, the interior is just as important as the exterior. Custom seat covers or new upholstery can give your hot rod a classic feel and, paired with a wooden steering wheel, can really set your hot rod apart.

American Racing WheelsThe most important thing to remember when owning a hot rod is to have fun. Hot rods are piece of American history and whether you own it for fun, for show or for sport you are taking part in that history and helping to pass it on to future generations.

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