If there is one thing that celebrities love its cars. From athletes and actors to reality stars and lottery winners, the first thing that most go out and buy once the hit it big is a slick new ride. David Beckham has often been photographed in his custom Rolls Royce complete with his number “23” stitched onto the seats and kids in the back. Even the ladies have gotten into the car craze. Paris Hilton’s all pink Bentley GT Continental often stands out from the crowd as well as Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari F430. But of all the impressive celebrity rides the most impressive by far is Jay Leno.

Jay Leno, an avid car collector, has nearly every type of car you could ever hope to drive in his 17,000 sq. foot garage. His collection includes an impressive set of hot rods as well as many rare and unique cars. One of his favorites is his Mercedes SLR McLaren because of its intense speed and sleek design. Fortunately Leno, unlike many car collectors that allow their cars to remain garaged and never driven, enjoys taking his cars out for a spin. He is often photographed cruising around the L.A. area in a variety of different cars.

It’s hard as a hot rod enthusiast not to feel some pangs of jealousy over the rare, unique, and expensive cars and hot rods that some celebrities drive. But while most of them will remain forever outside the average budget, a slick ride is still obtainable. Even on a budget you can create a custom hot road with a unique paint job, chrome rims from http://www.hotrodhanks.com, and an engine that is sure to make your friends more than a little jealous. Who knows you might even become a local celebrity.

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