It’s easy to take for granted fully inflated, properly functioning tires until you get a flat. A flat tire is a frustrating experience whether you are at home or out on the road; especially with the hot summer temps well under way. Fortunately with a little do it yourself know how you can fix your tire and be back on the road again in no time.

The proper fix for your tire depends a lot on what type of damage your tire has sustained. A puncture in the tread can typically be fixed using a tire plug kit. If you are able to locate where the hole is you can follow the directions to insert the plug and have a quick and lasting fix; usually without replacing your tire. If you don’t feel comfortable using the tire plug for an extended period of time it can provide a temporary fix until you get to your local tire dealer to either repair or replace the damaged tire. Tire plugs cannot, however, be used on the sidewall of the tire because it will comprise the integrity of the tire and could cause a blow out.

In most cases damage to the sidewall or extensive damage to the tread will usually require a new tire. Your best bet in this situation is probably to switch to the spare. Most cars when you buy them come equipped with a donut tire. This is a smaller tire that is only intended to get you back on the road and to the closest tire dealer where you can purchase a new full size tire. It is not intended for high speeds or long distances. If you do have a full size spare to put on then you have a little more time if you want to shop around and compare prices or order a new tire from /tires-for-sale/federal-tires; however, it’s best not to wait too long in case you have another flat and are left without a spare.

Avoiding a flat or blowout is usually as simple as providing proper tire maintenance –maintaining the right air pressure and frequently checking the tread depth and the tire for signs of wear. However, sometimes things just happen. But knowing what to do to fix your tire can keep a frustrating experience from turning into something much worse.

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