Whether you are an avid car collector, a car enthusiast, or simply a car owner, classic car shows are the place for you. They are the ideal place to look at, and maybe even get your hands on, your favorite classics like the Model T as well as some of the newer designs like the Dodge Charger. But even more than that, classic car shows are a great way to learn about and visualize the history of the automotive industry and how it got to where it is today.

The specifications for each car show vary. Most require that the cars be somewhere between 30 and 60 years old. The condition of the vehicle is also subject to individual show requirements. Smaller local shows allow anyone to contribute to or participate in the auction, if there is one; however, larger, more prestigious shows require you to go through a selection process. Some shows choose a theme or era to focus on while others are open whatever car owners want to bring.

One of the most well known classic car shows and auctions is the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction . Based out of Scottsdale, AZ the Barrett-Jackson was begun in the 1960’s by Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett. Over the years it has grown to be one of the largest in the world; bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars and attracting buyers from across the globe. Within the last decade they have opened auctions in Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Orange County. This auction is the one to watch no matter what type of car you love; hot rods to muscle cars , restored classics to new favorites. To top it off, these cars aren’t just your basic models off the showroom floor. They are top of the line, custom paint, custom rims –anything and everything you could ask for.

But not all classic car shows are about the money. The Classic Car Club of America , founded in the early 1950’s, seeks to preserve the history and sport of classic cars. They sponsor events across the country that allow classic car enthusiasts and their families to enjoy the history of these antique cars, whether they own one or not. There is even a car museum that you can visit year round in Dearborn, MI.

Classic car shows are a great way to enjoy an old passion or cultivate a new one. They provide entertainment for those that enjoy learning and sharing all that they can about cars as well as a unique way to look at history and the way that it shaped the automotive industry.

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