With 2013 now firmly in our rear-view mirror, we can look at what happened with US auto sales last year. Since the average age of a car on the road hit 11 years old, automakers responded with some incentives and unusual tactics like Black Friday sales. The result is an impressive 16 million cars and light trucks sold, a number not seen since 2007, and 9% over 2012. Here are the top five vehicles we bought in 2013.

ford f-series 2013Ford F-Series

The best selling car in America is not a car, but for the 17th time in a row, it is the F-Series trucks with a stunning 700,000 units sold. Ford is in the number one spot again this year due in large part to brand recognition and solid reputation, but also with the launch of new fuel efficient engines. EcoBoost is becoming a familiar name to American drivers, and the direct injection offerings from Ford had many budget conscious consumers sending their dollars to the Dearborn based company.

Chevrolet Silverado

Silverado took its usual place as perennial runner up. Doing this well is somewhat surprising, as Silverado was finishing out its second generation essentially unchanged since 2007. Chevy made the smart decision to temporarily continue selling the 2013 model alongside the new 2014 model, which went on sale last spring. Despite the second place sales, the new truck offers more power and fuel economy, and a massive amount of tech upgrades, and it’s cheaper than the Ford.

Toyota Camry

American buyers went with the safe choice again, and made the Camry the best selling car in the States for twelve years in a row, at just over 400,000 units. While it is not new or freshened this year, Toyota has gone all out on advertising this year, letting the owners explain what they like about the midsize sedan. The Camry saw the least gain among the top five, probably due to fierce competition from the Ford Fusion, Mazda 6, and Honda Accord. It will be interesting to see if the Camry remains on top now that there is serious competition in this segment.

Honda Accord

The almost full-size Accord hit its 9th generation in 2013, and offered some nice upgrades. Buyers noticed, and sales were up 10% over last year, to approximately 360,000 vehicles sold. The freshened Accord lost weight, and increased horsepower, which is always a good combination for drivers. Another nice addition is an 8-inch touchscreen running Honda’s Intelligent Multi-Information Display, which is probably the best user interface currently out there.


The formerly Dodge line of full size trucks beat the curve and saw a 20% gain in sales this year. Ram moved approximately 350,000 units for 2013, closing in on parent company Fiat Spa’s goal of moving 400,000 trucks a year by 2014. Sales were likely helped this year by the new option of Chrysler’s outstanding Pentastar v6 coupled to a new 8-speed automatic transmission.

Trucks are still undoubtedly on top of the sales charts, but are they the best available?

What vehicle do you think should be on this list?

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