It doesn’t take a visit to a car manufacturing plant to realize that vehicles are complex machines. There are many parts and elements that, when performing properly, keep us moving safely down the road. Important features such as the brakes, the engine, and the transmission all require maintenance to keep them running properly. But while going down the list of important things to maintain, one item that is often neglected is the tires.

While they may not seem that technologically advanced, there is a lot of science and engineering that goes into creating the latest tires. From tread design to composition, everything is considered to make the best performing tires possible. But all of this is for naught if the tires aren’t properly maintained.

Achieving peak tire performance really doesn’t require that much work or time. You can start out by maintaining good tire pressure. The proper tire pressure should be on your tires sidewall or the inside panel of the driver’s side door. It should be checked every couple weeks or so throughout the year but more so in the summer; especially if the temperatures are high and you are doing a lot of driving. Good tire pressure will also help you improve your gas mileage; which, at the price of gas, is always a positive.

To keep your tires performing at the optimum capacity it is best to avoid excessive wear. Frequent checks of the tread depth as well as the sidewall for damage or balding can help you anticipate the purchase of new tires from your local tire dealer or Tires with low tread are going to have a harder time gripping the road; making things like braking or driving in bad weather more dangerous. Tires that have sustained damage or excessively worn in spots are more likely to have a blowout causing an accident and possible injury to the occupants of the vehicle and others out on the road.

Tire performance is an important element to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing new tires; however to maintain the peak performance and provide the optimum, and most safe, driving experience for all of the vehicles occupants proper tire maintenance is key.

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