When it comes to making major purchases there is a lot to keep in mind besides just the price. Everyone these days is on a budget so we want to get the best deal that we can; however we also want support businesses that are giving back to and supporting the community around them.

Purchasing new tires is no small expense. And if you live in California you know that there is no end to the number of California tire dealers and it can be hard to choose which one to buy from. While you are shopping around for the right set of tires at the right price you can also do some investigating into how involved they are with the community. Many local businesses support youth sports programs or sponsor a community fundraiser . For many this is their way to saying thanks to the community that has supported them.

Many businesses and individuals are still recovering from the effects of the most recent recession. While consumers are still a little hesitant about making large purchases, many stores are grateful for any business that comes their way. When it comes to purchasing new tires shopping at a local tire dealer is a great way to invest that money back into the local economy instead of a large national chain.

Every purchase that we make is casting a vote for the businesses that we want to stay open; especially larger purchases like tires. We are helping our friends and neighbors keep their jobs and supporting one another through this challenging time. Even if it isn’t the absolute lowest price knowing that our money is being put back into programs to help the community not just sustain but thrive then it is money well spent.

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