It is hard to believe that the winter season is once again upon us. While it does mean some cold days ahead, and long cold nights, there is a lot to look forward with the winter season. The kids are looking forward to the break from school and having lots of time for snowball fights and sledding . The adults, on the other hands, are looking forward to relaxing evenings in front of the fireplace with a nice hot cup of cocoa and the camaraderie of family and friends. Whatever your favorite winter activities are it is sure to involve a good deal of traveling and driving back and forth. And to make sure that it is all done safely, there has never been a better time to get that set of snow tires for your SUV.

Snow tires may seem excessive if you live in the city and have a nice, big 4WD SUV. After all the roads are cleared often, especially after a storm, and the road conditions usually don’t get too bad.

On the contrary, even if you live in the city and have 4WD, if you receive more than trace amounts of snow each winter snow tires are a wise investment. Unlike all-weather tires, which are designed to handle different weather conditions not one specifically, snow tires are specifically designed to handle snowy, icy weather conditions . The tread is made of rubber that is designed to stay flexible even in freezing conditions. This prevents snow from getting packed into the tread, which can cause you to loose traction and control. The tread pattern is also designed to improve handling and traction giving you better control over your vehicle in dangerous weather conditions.

There are a wide range of snow tires available for SUV s. If you stay primarily in town and only receive small amounts of snow there are basic snow tires that will provide an adequate amount of traction. If you enjoying going out of town for sledding or other winter activities, sport snow tires would be a good choice. They have increased traction and handling that is required for areas with more snow and less than ideal conditions. For the true adventurer there are off-road snow tires. These are the optimum snow tires for those who love driving back roads and creating new paths but prefer not to get stuck.

Wherever your SUV takes you this winter you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared with perfect set of snow tires to get you and your family where they need to go safely.


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