If there is one thing that we in America love it’s cars. Sports cars, luxury cars, big cars, little cars; if it has four wheels and a roaring engine then we are hooked. With so many to different cars to choose from it can be hard to pick a favorite, but there is nothing like a muscle car.

Every muscle car is unique in its style and performance but that is part of why we love them. While there are many out there, here are a few of our favorites.

Pontiac Firebird. This car is well known for its popularity in the 1990’s; however, as a car it dates back to the late 1960’s. It was one of the best built muscle cars of its time and was known for its superior quality and handling.

Dodge Charger. Known most commonly as the “General Lee” in the 1980’s sitcom the Dukes of Hazard , the Charger also has a long history starting in the mid-1960’s. Unlike many classic cars it is still a highly popular car today.

Chevelle. In nearly every way this car is a typical muscle car –high on power but low on brake performance and handling; very much a beast of a car and quite an experience to ride in.

Chevy Camaro. The Camaro was, and in many ways still is, the complete package. It combined fast speeds with quality handling and performance. It’s the best of both worlds for those looking for both practicality and style.

Shelby Mustang. No list would be complete without a Mustang. While there have been factory-authorized versions over the years, the Shelby is often considered a favorite. Designed to be more road worthy than earlier versions, it also has held on to its popularity over the years.

Just like the people who drive them, the diversity of American muscle cars is strong. Whether you are looking for speed, good handling, or that classic muscle car look there is one out there for you.

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