If there is anything that American sports car collectors take pride in it is our long-standing history of muscle cars. From the shiny chrome grill to the antique wheels , these cars were quite a spectacle to behold.

One of the first American muscle cars was the Pontiac GTO. With a 400 horsepower engine and bucket seats, it is easily one of the most recognizable and popular muscle cars even today.

The Chevy Chevelle is also a muscle car that stands out from the crowd. It is most well known for it’s blacked out grill and red lined tires, though its drivers appreciated its nearly 400 horsepower engine.

1968 also saw the rise of Dodge Charger . Easily one of the sleekest muscle cars, it was designed to excel both on the road and on the track ‚ €the drag racing track that is. With its optional hemi engine it quickly left other cars in the dust.

The following year Chevy had another success with the Camaro. It is considered one of the most stylish muscle cars. Though it wasn’t much for power and speed, it was one of the first vehicles with power steering.

By far one of the most powerful vehicles of the early 1970’s, the Plymouth Barracuda is an obvious choice for almost all muscle car enthusiasts. One of the biggest selling points for the Barracuda was its outstanding 426 horsepower Hemi engine .

Another classic that most people will recognize even if they don’t know much about cars is the Ford Mustang. Also not one of the fastest, it was very reliable and more than capable of maintaining speeds over longer distances.

To round out our list of American top ten muscle cars, we don’t want to forget the Corvette, the Ford Thunderbird, the Dodge Coronet, and the Impala Z11. These are just a few of the timeless muscle cars that have sped down our streets for the last 50 or so years and some of them are still going strong today.

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