A lot of men here in the United States have made it quite a hobby to refurbish old cars or maybe even build one from scratch like Tim the Tool man. To do so, you will probably need more than a few custom parts. Extreme hobbyists are not the only ones who keep the custom parts industry running. When you spend a lot of money on a new vehicle it is not unusual to want to add some custom parts. If you buy a powerful Chevy pickup, you may get it lifted or at least get larger wheels; which often requires some one-of-a-kind parts. While all of the custom parts are important, nothing gets it going like custom wheels.

Before deciding what wheels are right for your custom vehicle, it is ideal to get all the lifting and adjusting done first. Once that is complete you can move on to custom rims and tires. Many companies make custom tires; B.F Goodrich, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Kumho just to name a few.

The important thing with any tire purchase, custom or otherwise, is ensuring you get the right size and that it will work on your vehicle. Your mechanic or dealership can often offer suggestions on what works best for your vehicle.

Choosing a manufacture for your custom set of wheels depends a lot on the different tires that they offer. If your vehicle is for show purposes or just driving around town, you might consider some custom antique tires by Michelin. They add a lot of style and class, especially to older vehicles, in a way that modern tires can’t. If traversing undiscovered spaces is more your style consider some custom off-roading tires by B.F. Goodrich. They will get you off the roads into the mud and dirt in no time.

Custom wheels may just seem like another part of the vehicle that needs to purchased, but don’t underestimate the power of a good set of mud tires to keep you on the road.

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