Temperatures are rising, kids are finishing school, and vacation plans are well under way; which could only mean one thing…. summer is on its way. And if you are a car enthusiast that means it’s time to start getting ready for the summer car shows. Whether you are going as spectator, a participant or both there is much fun and excitement to be had as the season revs up.

There are many different types of car shows to choose from all across the country. Some, like Endless Summer Cruisin in Ocean City Maryland, are week long events that feature contests, prizes, and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Branson Missouri is-home to the annual Show-n-Shine car show that features a variety of historic vehicles that any car or history buff could appreciate. For residents of the West Coast , specifically California, you can find a car show or ride almost every weekend. Some are for specific types of cars — hot rods, classics, trucks, etc.– while others welcome a variety of cars.  There are also many single day shows that fun to attend and may even benefit a charity or other organization.

If you are considering entering your car in a show this summer you’ll need to do more than just invest in new rims. This is the chance to show off all of your car accessories as well as the time and energy you have put into making your vehicle look pristine. A good wash along with a coat of wax and some tire shine will take your vehicle to the next level come show time.

Whether you make a car show the event for the day or the week it’s a great time to spend with the whole family as you appreciate all the different types of cars and the eras from which they come.

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