Chrome RimsIf you have invested in sprucing up your car by purchasing high quality chrome wheels , you are going to need to take care of them. Wheels get dirty fairly easily. In some climates rust also becomes a factor. If you let that rust and dirt build up, it can wear off the chrome finish over time. Regular cleaning is essential and relatively easy.

The first thing to know is that putting your car through an automatic car washer or using power washing tools can actually damage the chrome finish. It is much better to use a regular hose or water from a bucket.

Start by rinsing off any dirt or grime with water. A hose works best for loosening any caked on dirt or mud. Follow up with a sponge wipe using water, shampoo, and wax. You can use the same mixture you would for washing the car. Scrub the entire wheel and then rinse with water. You can either wipe the chrome dry with a soft rag or let it air dry. For really stubborn grime or rust, you may need to apply a chrome wheel cleaner. These cleaners will be tough enough to get the hard dirt off the wheel without damaging the chrome finish. You can buy a cleaner at most auto care stores and some department stores in their auto section.

If you want to protect your chrome wheels from future damage, you can apply a layer of car wax after the air drying is complete. This way any new dust or dirt will accumulate on the wax rather than the chrome, making it easier for you to clean the next time.

By establishing a habit of regularly cleaning the wheels on your vehicle, you can keep that chrome finish rims sparkling for a long time.

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