There is nothing that can put a kink in your day quite like a flat tire.  The process of switching to a spare and replacing the flat with a new tire is not something that you want to hassle with when you have places to go and things to do.  Accidents happen and sometimes flat tires can’t be avoided but there are several things that you can do to keep your tires in top shape and prevent a flat tire from interfering with your day, and pocket book.

Proper care of your tires is essential to extending the life of your tires and helping to prevent a flat.  Monthly checks of your tire pressure, more frequently during hot summer months, can ensure that you are driving on the thick tread of your tires.  Under inflated tires can cause you to drive on the sidewall, which isn’t as thick and can damage the tires and result in a flat.

flat tireYour monthly check is also an ideal time to check your tires for signs of wear. Things to look for include checking the tread depth, looking for bare spots, and anything else that may indicate your tires may have been damaged.  Catching wear or damage early can give you time to buy new tires and avoid getting a flat.

Believe it or not your driving could also factor into whether or not you experience a flat.  Aggressive driving—accelerating and decelerating quickly, taking corners quickly—will cause your tires to wear more quickly; increasing the possibility of a flat.  And, of course, avoiding obstacles and debris in the roadway that could damage your tire is a must to preserve your tires.

Even under regular maintenance and moderate driving, tires experience a lot of wear and tear.  And sometimes flat tires can’t be avoided.  However, if you regularly maintain your tires and are mindful of the wear your tires experience when you drive on them, the probability of experiencing a flat is significantly lowered.

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