There are many ways for the consumer to shop for custom tires and wheels from the comfort of your home.  Tire companies on line offer great deals, and great financing options should those new wheels and tires be a bit expensive.  Applications for financing are available on the sites, and you will receive a response in a matter of minutes.  Customer service and care is essential, as you will not be seeing the items in person, so ask questions about your purchases before you actually make them.

The technicians are knowledgeable and are eager to share that knowledge with you, so again, remember that there is no such thing as a dumb question.  Many of the companies offer discount packages, and this is a wonderful option, giving you to get the new wheels and tires of your dreams.  Remember to purchase wheels that do not exceed the recommended size for your vehicle.  While this may be tempting, and you may think that it will look cool, this will through off the handling of your car, and the odometer and speedometer readings.

The package deals are a great way to ensure that all of the components, the wheels, the tires and the rims will fit with each other.  And not only that, when you buy them all in a package, most distributors will offer incredible discounts.  If you have any doubt, go into your local retail tire shop and compare the differences in the pricing, you will be amazed.  The staff will make certain that you are aware of how to mount these items on your vehicle, which really does not take that much time at all.

Be aware of who you are doing business with, and for added protection, making these kinds of Internet purchases is best done by using a credit card if possible.  This will give you some protection in the case that you may have been taken.  If you are certain that you are dealing with a reputable organization, then sending cash via Western Union is a convenient way to buy your new wheels and tires should you not have a credit card.  Buying your new wheels and tires will be easy, quick and painless when ordering them online.

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