Custom Wheels on a Nissan 350Z

It’s always a wise idea to try something before you buy it– else will you know that you are making the right decision in choosing to purchase something otherwise. In the golden age of America there were salesmen that went door to door hoping to convince people to buy their new wares such as vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias. But as time went on, things changed and the notion of the door-to-door salesmen  all but disappeared; people began to flock to their local stores to see the latest and greatest. Not everything can be tried out, demonstrated, or tested in a store though and there lies the problem because it’s difficult to imagine what certain products will do or look like once you have them like car rims. The truth is, that installing a set of custom rims on a car can have a substantial impact on its visual appeal. A set of wheels, or rims, are like eyebrows on a person: they are a small part of the overall thing but they can make a huge difference. Swapping out your car’s set of rims and tires might not be as radical as changing your entire engine, but it’s no less significant. Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa with a goofy smile instead of the mysterious expression that the painting is known for today — it would probably be a catastrophe. Installing the wrong set of rims on a car can be almost just a bad as ruining a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa. So how can you avoid such a colossal mistake without trying out the rims yourself? Luckily, here at Performance Plus Tire we have handy tool that has solved the problem of trying to figure out exactly how your car will look with custom rims and you can view it here. All you need to access our virtual wheel tool is an internet browser with the java virtual machine plugin.

When you start the virtual wheel tool all you have to do is select your vehicle’s make and model and as of this posting it even includes the latest 2011 models. After you’ve selected your vehicle you can then choose from all of the many wheels that are offered at Performance Plus Tire and select the wheel that you wish to see on your vehicle. But that’s not all. With the virtual wheel tool you can  choose your vehicle’s paint color, window tint, adjust the height of the tires, and you can even see what everything might look like with plus size tires as well. Not to mention that with a push of a button you can even see what your new rims will look like in motion. So if you’re anxious to see what your car looks like with a new set of rims then look no further than Performance Plus Tire.

Image via Robin Corps

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