There are many important elements that make a car or truck run well; the engine, the transmission, proper amount of oil and gas. But one of the most important elements that is often forgotten is the tires. We become frustrated when they go flat but the rest of the time we pretty much take for granted the important role that they play.

There are substantial differences between properly maintained tires versus improperly maintained tires when it comes to handling and safety.

We all notice how nice and smooth tires run when they are brand new. That is because they are properly inflated and haven’t experienced a lot of wear on the tread. But it is possible to experience this all the time, not just on the way home. Taking good care of tires will keep them running smoothly, improve the vehicles gas mileage, and allow for better traction especially on slick roadways.

On the other hand, tires that are not properly cared for can experience a myriad of problems. Poor gas efficiency is a minor problem that could be experienced. Under inflated tires are at greater risk of blowouts and flats. Tires that are worn and missing tread become very dangerous in rainy or snowy conditions, as they are not able to maintain traction.

The type of performance tires will also have great affects on how the car handles.

Before buying tires, it is important to consider the weather and road conditions where you live as well as what types of activities you enjoy. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain or harsh weather than weather specific tires would be a good choice. If you enjoy off-roading and other activities where you are frequently driving through unpaved, rough terrain than off-road tires would handle better than traditional street tires. Depending on where you live this may mean changing out your tires once or twice a year to ensure that you have the best tires to handle the current conditions. For a list of tires and to see some of your choices you can visit /tire.wheel.install .

Tires often to do not receive the appreciation they deserve for the important job they do. They keep us safe and, with good traction, on the road so that we can get where we need to go. They play an important part in keeping our vehicles running, and running smoothly.

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