What is the Hot Rod Power Tour? Most car shows are not mobile, unlike the objects of car shows, which are mobile. One can certainly make the case for stationary car shows, to which the people are shuttled in their thousands. On the other hand, not every car show lets everyone take part, and the Hot Rod Power Tour is basically a mobile car show in which anyone who wants can participate.

The Hot Rod Power Tour is seven days of hot rods and muscle cars, seen at and between seven cities. Some enthusiasts choose to visit one city or several cities, and some people choose to drive or trailer their cars to one or more cities on the Tour. One thing is for certain, you’ll not likely see the same show at all seven cities, as local and national classic car and muscle car owners make it, or don’t, to various cities on the tour.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2018 attracted, in over seven days and seven cities, over 5,000 vehicles and 110,000 spectators. Now in its 25th year, Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 expects to show and drive over 6,000 vehicles. The 2019 Tour starts off where the 2018 Tour ended, ending where the 1995 Tour began a quarter-century ago.

  • June 8              zMax Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC
  • June 9              Martinsville Speedway, Ridgeway, VA
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  • June 10           Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, TN
  • June 11           Kentucky Speedway, Sparta, KY
  • June 12           Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, IN
  • June 13           Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN
  • June 14           Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk, OH

The reason the Hot Rod Power Tour is so variable is because it is so long. Not only is it seven cities in seven days, but it’s also over 1,000 miles of driving for the Long Haul Gang. Last year, about 4,000 Long Haul Gang drivers made the entire trip, which was over 1,100 miles. Not everyone makes the whole trip, though, depending on their own schedules and availability and whether or not the car actually makes the trip. Indeed, given the age and state of repair of the vehicles on the Tour, it’s no surprise that 1,000-plus miles of hard driving can put them past their limits.

Registration for Hot Rod Power Tour 2019, presented by Chevrolet Performance, opens January 8, 2019, with various registration options for single-, multi-, and full-Tour show privileges. Show participants and spectators can also get special discounts on travel and accommodations.

Trailered or driven, Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 is worth a look, whether you’re a classic car or muscle car owner, driver, or just an enthusiast. This mobile hot rod show means at least some part of the show is within a few hours driving for muscle car enthusiasts in over 20 States. One of the best things about the show, though, is the people you meet along the way, whether you’re driving with the show or just visiting one of the tour cities. Start a conversation, and you might be surprised where it goes.

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