During the post-WWII economic expansion, many countries in the world experienced great increases in industrialization. In August, 1945, Hirano Rubber Manufacturing and Toyo Rubber Industrial merged, forming Toyo Tire & Rubber Company. Despite similar-sounding names, though, Toyo Tires has no relationship with Toyota Corporation, though it does produce OE (Original Equipment) tires for several Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles. Today, Toyo Tires is one of the world’s top ten tire manufacturers, producing premium tires for most vehicles available on the market, from thrifty hybrid commuters to full-size off-road SUVs.

By 1953, Toyo Tires was producing tires for the automotive sector in Japan and for export, including to the United States, by 1966. Since 2004, Toyo Tires USA has been producing many of its North American tires in Bartow County, Georgia, though some models are still imported.

Toyo Tires, now past over 70 years in the business, draw much of their on-road technology from that developed off-road and on the track. From drag races and drift competitions to rally races and off-road races, Toyo Tires have always been known as an “enthusiast” brand, and the results can be seen in its tire lineup:

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  • Open Country – The Open Country lineup is designed for SUVs, light trucks, and full-size trucks. From commercial-grade work-truck and all-terrain tires to rugged and maximum-traction off-road tires, Open Country gives you confidence for all driving conditions.
  • Proxes – For performance cars, Proxes tires deliver high grip for acceleration, cornering, and braking. Summer and All-Season Proxes tires grip through wet and dry conditions, while the competition series really let you push your strip car to the limits.
  • Versado – For maximum ride comfort, Versado touring tires deliver. Premium touring tires improve fuel economy, the Versado Eco even more so, while delivering comfort and safe traction through all four seasons.
  • Extensa – While Proxes tires cover competition and high-performance vehicles, Extensa tires take it down a notch, for extended tread life, improved ride quality, and lower cost. Extensa features the widest variety of sizes and applications.
  • Celsius – In some climates, the weather can be even more unpredictable than the traffic. Celsius touring tires are built to handle the just about everything you may encounter, even better than typical All-Season tires. Smooth-running touring treads and water-ejecting sipes intermix with mud-ejecting and ice-gripping treads, offering a wider safety margin.
  • Observe – For dedicated snow and ice tires, look no further than the Toyo Tires Observe lineup. These studless Winter tires feature ice-gripping tread blocks and soft read compounds for maximum Winter traction. Winter treadwear is reduced on cold dry pavement, but these tires should not be run Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • M-Line – For heavy duty trucks, all-conditions traction and tread life directly affect your bottom line. The M-Line commercial-grade truck tire handles on-road and off-road traction with ease, featuring aggressive tread blocks and exceptional tread life. The M-55 can also accept studs to improved ice traction.

No matter what you drive, chances are good that Toyo Tires has a tire to fit your needs, from high-efficiency hybrid commuters and family sedans to hard-working trucks and high-performance sports cars.

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