Shopping for tires can be a scary prospect for some people.  There seems to be so much information to sift through, which tire is the best for the car, or which is the best for the pocketbook?  There are the everyday road conditions that one will be driving on to consider, as well as the best tire suited for one’s driving style and habits.  Tires have been rated and at the top of the list is General Tires.  This company has been in business for more than one hundred years. They have provided top-quality tires at low prices, giving people who are watching their budget the opportunity to have this high-quality tire on their vehicles.

Tires are one of the most important safety features for one’s car.  A well-constructed tire will provide one with the stability necessary to navigate in all types of weather.  Testing tires involves many aspects.  It involves not on the tire, but the vehicle’s brake systems and steering capabilities as well.  This is why the best tests will involve the same brand of tires on many different vehicles to come up with the most conclusive results.

An independent test was carried out that was looking to discover if any major differences between the lower priced General Tires and tires that were more expensive up to four times the price.  During the sudden braking and quick stops the Generals performed better than the higher-priced alternatives.  The traction was even effective when these tests were performed on a wet surface.  The car only hydroplaned when the speeds exceeded seventy miles an hour, but up until that speed, the tires remained connected to the road.  The tires were also quiet on the road when driven over most surfaces.  This test showed that discount tires perform just as well as the more expensive brands and that General Tires are the best option when it comes to replacing one’s tires.

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