Looking at Nitto Tire’s tagline, it become clear what the company’s mission is and what kind of tires they produce. Indeed, a tire company “Fueled by Enthusiasts” says it all, and Nitto designs and produces some of the most exclusive tires for nearly every performance category. Whether you’re off-roading, rally-racing, running quarters, drifting, or luxury touring, Nitto Tire has a tire for your specific needs.

  • Nitto Grappler tires were designed for trucks and SUVs, ranging from highway cruiser applications to extreme off-road performance.
  • Nitto Motivo, NeoGen, INVO, and NT-Series cover four seasons and practically every vehicle on the road, some for street performance, others for quiet comfort touring, and one for winter performance driving.
  • Nitto competition tires push performance to the extreme and aren’t even street-legal, but they’ll push your weekend warrior to the limit.

A Little Nitto Tire History

Nitto Tire was founded in 1949 in Japan and has always been a small company, an underdog in the tire world. Whereas the tire world is dominated by the big dogs, Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and Sumitomo, Nitto Tire’s business has seen its ups and downs. Even after its acquisition in 1979, by Toyo Tire,

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Nitto Tire remained small, at times hanging on the brink of bankruptcy. Nitto Tire sales in Japan, the company’s home territory, had practically evaporated by the mid-1990s, but would retain a decent foothold in the driver-nation of the United States.

In fact, as Nitto Tire seemed to have been reborn in the United States, Toyo Tire considers Nitto Tire to be an American company. After some management shakeups, Nitto Tire brought itself back from the brink, and has seen steady sales increases since the mid-2000s. Today, Nitto Tire is now produced in at least six plants around the world, in the United States, Japan, China, and Malaysia, and sells off-road, performance, and luxury tires nearly everywhere. Much of that success has been pinned on Nitto Tire embracing online sales and social media, and the steady growth of the company can almost be directly tied to their social media following, today over 11 million on Facebook alone.

Today, with nearly two dozen tire models in dozens of sizes, there’s bound to be a tire for your ride. With computerized tire design, rigorous testing procedures, and plenty of consumer feedback, Nitto Tire delivers the performance you and your ride desire: more speed, more traction, less drag, better handling, and more comfort. Toyo-backed construction guarantees the safety and reliability you and your family need, because what good is a fun drive if the tire isn’t safe or doesn’t last?

Nitto Tire isn’t like other tires, but then you and your vehicle are like other drivers and vehicles. When you want to get from Point A to Point B, but have a little fun along the way, Nitto Tire makes that possible. Whatever car and whatever season, Nitto Tire has a model the pushes the balance toward performance, perfect for driving enthusiasts everywhere.

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