A Chance to Stay in the Spice Girls Air BnB bus

The 1990’s were a simpler time, full of windbreakers, scrunchies, brown lipstick, and sitcoms. One of the decade’s staples were The Spice Girls. Every teenage girl in the 90’s knew of the Spice Girls. The British pop group was a worldwide sensation immediately after their widely successful breakout single “Wannabe” was released in 1996. The […]

Is a Ford Comeback Just Getting Started?

Like most automakers and many other companies, Ford Motor Company took a huge hit during the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. Ford stock bottomed out in January 2009, just like many other companies, but managed to stay afloat. While most companies are clawing their way back to profitability, Ford’s comeback hasn’t been encouraging. Taking, […]

Smarter Android Auto, Coming Soon!

We’re always on the go, but staying up to the minute with business, entertainment, or friends can sometimes be a hassle. At your desktop or on your smartphone, information and interaction is available at a moment’s notice, but in a car can be difficult, if not dangerous. Android Auto aims to keep you focused on […]

Driving in Circles – Celebrating F1’s Greatest Legend: Niki Lauda 1949-2019

This is not the story of just any man, but one who overcame great odds to fulfill a dream. He’s been immortalized in records, books, film, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, and even a postage stamp: Niki Lauda, perhaps Formula 1’s greatest legend. Born into a prominent Austrian banking family in 1949, Niki Lauda […]

Auto Repair Prices – Are You Being Overcharged?

Ask anyone for a good auto repair experience and you’re more likely to hear stories of being overcharged, misdiagnosed, overlooked, ignored, or outright scammed. To begin, auto repair is already expensive. Auto mechanics spend years on training and thousands of dollars on specialized tools and equipment to maintain, diagnose, and repair automobiles. For example, an […]

Where Have All the Sedans Gone?

Ever since Toyota invented the crossover – lookin’ at you, RAV4 – sedan sales have been in steady decline, whatever the gas prices and fuel economy numbers have been saying. In their place, crossovers and wagons have been steadily increasing in sales, but why isn’t anyone buying sedans anymore? Indeed, why are some automakers cutting […]

The Grand Tour Holds a Funeral for a Ford

The Grand Tour is the go-to show for car enthusiasts. Hosts Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May display a passion and love for all things car-related: driving anything from a Bugatti to a Ford Fiesta. They love them all. In 2018, Ford announced that they would be discontinuing their saloons, amid sedans losing popularity […]

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