Video – The Grand Tour Tests the Tesla

In this video, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson tests the Tesla Model X. Here, he accuses Tesla of lying about the actual amount of miles that the electric car runs on per each charge. He drives the Tesla model with a team of lawyers as passengers and discusses what he believes to be falsified claims […]

To Buy or To Lease a Car, That Is the Question

If you need a car to get around, as most Americans do, you have a few ways of obtaining one. The average new vehicle sells for about $32,000, while used vehicles sell for an average of $20,000. We can’t recommend stealing a car, because that just never turns out well – plus, it’s illegal. This […]

XD Series Off Road Wheels Video

Hi, this is Glen from Performance Plus and we’re going to be reviewing the XD Series, XD778 Monster Wheel, and these wheels are by KMC. The XD Series is a series of wheels that KMC created for their off-road division, I guess, and this is one of their wheels, the XD778.   This wheel is […]

Is Buying Tires Online Better?

Depending on what you drive, how you drive, and how much you drive, you might replace tires every one to five years, so buying tires isn’t something that you likely think about on a regular basis. Many drivers, in fact, don’t think about buying tires until they get a flat tire or their mechanic tells […]

ENKEI Wheels Review

Ask almost any driving enthusiast for the best wheels at the best price, and invariably they’ll say ENKEI Wheels. Established in 1950, this aftermarket wheel manufacturer’s name is short for, ENshu KEIgokin, which translates to “light alloy of Enshu Province,” where it was founded (Enshu Province is today western Shizuoka Prefecture). In the early days […]

About Whitewall Tires

Today, just about every vehicle on the road is equipped with black tires, though you’ll find some performance cars fitted with orange- or red-stripe tires, sometimes even white-stripe tires. Interestingly, blackwall tires haven’t always been the norm. Invented in 1914, whitewall tires featured a white sidewall with black treads. Natural rubber and zinc oxide produced […]

Our Favorite Five New Cars for 2018

Every year, automakers release a slew of new cars and trucks. Some simply get a digit change, “2018” instead of “2017,” while others are upgraded, modified, tweaked, or even completely new. What does driving have in store if you’re looking for a new car? Here are five of our favorites. Driver’s Car – 2018 Lotus […]

Video – U.S Indy Mag Wheels

Speaker:  Glen from Performance Plus   This is Glen from Performance Plus and we’re going to be reviewing the U.S. Indy Mag U101 wheel, or the dish mag.   The U.S. Indy Mag was a name that’s been around for many, many years, along with Cragar, Ansen, American Racing back in the ‘60s. It got […]

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