Video – U.S Indy Mag Wheels

Speaker:  Glen from Performance Plus   This is Glen from Performance Plus and we’re going to be reviewing the U.S. Indy Mag U101 wheel, or the dish mag.   The U.S. Indy Mag was a name that’s been around for many, many years, along with Cragar, Ansen, American Racing back in the ‘60s. It got […]

Getting Your Classic Car Ready for Summer

Winter is hard on cars, especially northern winters’ sand, salt, grime, and extreme cold, and that’s just for the daily drivers. Classic cars, too, suffer in Winter, but for entirely different reasons, especially boredom. Well, no, not really – classic cars don’t get bored – but they do suffer the neglect of not running for […]

Visiting Ireland? Keep These Tips in Mind!

If visiting Ireland, whether you’ve got business, friends, of family – we’re all imports, anyway – you’re probably wondering how you’re going to get around. For some people, getting around is by bus and taxi, or simply by foot in metropolitan areas. For many others, though, a car rental is the way to go, and […]

Should You Finance Your Tire Purchase?

Car ownership is a costly affair, starting with car payments, auto insurance, regular maintenance, and repairs. On average, it costs about $9,000 per year to drive a car, but a recent AAA (American Automobile Association) study revealed about one-third of Americans aren’t prepared to pay for unexpected auto repairs. Additionally, many car owners simply don’t […]

World’s Best Car Shows 2018-2019

Where there are cars, there are car enthusiasts, along with shows to cater to their enthusiasm, whether it be the latest technology, the best restorations, the most powerful, the most beautiful, or even the ugliest. Here are a few of the world’s best car shows we think are worth checking out. New York International Auto […]

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