Pirelli Tires Cinturato Weatheractive Tire

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Introducing the new WEATHERACTIVE™ range. The new addition to the Pirelli family is available for passenger cars in the CINTURATO™ WEATHERACTIVE™ and CUV’s/SUV’s/pickup trucks in the SCORPION™ WEATHERACTIVE™. Engineered to perform better in snow compared to an all-season tire, this tire is backed by the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating (3PMSF). Designed to make you confident in any weather, the hassle of switching out summer and winter tires each season is a thing of the past. Thanks to excellent wet performance and outstanding snow traction, these new directional tires offer peace of mind in all weather conditions. A compound that performs in a broader temperature range is supported by a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty. 'Whatever the weather on the road ahead, Pirelli’s WEATHERACTIVE™ tires deliver 365 days of driving confidence and performance.

Pioneering innovation to stay ahead of the game.This is the philosophy that has taken Pirelli to the forefront of the industry on a global scale. 40 years of experience in the Premium segment for a global leadership in product technology - Partnership with major car manufacturers for original equipment supply - Leadership in innovative and green materials -State-of-the-art modeling -Development of flexible and efficient manufacturing processes -Considerable investments in Research & Development

Product Reviews

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Pirelli Tires Cinturato Weatheractive Tire
Tire Size
Manufacturer Part Number: 4166300
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Tire Specifications
Section Width:275
Tire Construction:Radial
Size Short:275/35-20
Size Long:275/35R20XL
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