Milestar Tires SteelPro AST Tire

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A reinforced, heavy duty ST trailer tire, the Milestar Steelpro AST tire is for a range of trailer applications that need extra load capacity. This line has sizes in LRG (14-ply) in the casing, steel belts in the crown of the tire, and steel reinforcements in the bead area for amazing strength. In addition, the Milestar Steelpro AST has a ribbed tread pattern and durable tread compound that is tuned to resist the abrasion of sharp turns when manuevering a loaded trailer in tight spaces.

MILESTAR TIRES are developed with a focus on outstanding quality and high performance. Offering a wide product assortment in Passenger, High Performance, Ultra-High Performance, Light Truck, and Commercial Medium Radial Truck applications, Milestar options cover the needs of the tire replacement market.

Product Reviews

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Milestar Tires SteelPro AST Tire
Tire Size
ST235/85R16 132L 14 Ply
Manufacturer Part Number: 29900008
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating:75 mph (120 km/h)
Load Index:132
Section Width:235
Construction:14 Ply Rated
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:75 mph
Size Short:ST235/85-16
Size Long:ST235/85R16 132L 14 Ply
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