Milestar Tires Patagonia SXT ATV/UTV Tire
Milestar Tires Patagonia SXT ATV/UTV Tire

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PATAGONIA SXT tire is engineered specifically for recreational off-road vehicles, such as UTVs and Side-By-Sides, and developed to conquer extremely harsh terrains.

The PATAGONIA SXT is constructed with a Kevlar® belt package to enhance strength while keeping the tire’s carcass weight as light as possible. Formulated with a cut and chip resistant, silica-enriched tread compound, the SXT is capable of providing competent traction in the silt, sand, and rocks. Deep, wide grooves with stone ejectors help disperse dirt and debris, while overlapping wide tread blocks maintain stability and improve sure-footed control during rapid acceleration and braking.

MILESTAR TIRES are developed with a focus on outstanding quality and high performance. Offering a wide product assortment in Passenger, High Performance, Ultra-High Performance, Light Truck, and Commercial Medium Radial Truck applications, Milestar options cover the needs of the tire replacement market.
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Headline:Great Baja Ready UTV Tires
Comment:Very impressed how these tires handle all types of terrain and I have roughly 2500 miles on them and still have decent tread wear. I’ve won the Baja 1000 with a similar tire and would run these without hesitation.
Location:Riverside Ca.
Posted:On Oct 27, 2022 by John Holmes
Milestar Tires Patagonia SXT ATV/UTV TireMilestar Tires Patagonia SXT ATV/UTV Tire