Michelin Tires LTX A/S
Michelin Tires LTX A/S
Michelin Tires LTX A/S

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The solution for light trucks that require fuel-efficiency and dependable performance for daily applications and commercial use, the LTX A/S tire from Michelin features a class-leading EnergySaver Construction that is fuel-efficient due to unique tire shape and compound construction that reduces rolling resistance, allowing your engine to work less and which can save fuel. <p>MaxTouch Construction features a reinvented contact patch that distributes weight and drive forces evenly across tread patterns. <p>LTX A/S tires are durable and strong equipment for most applications.

Michelin is a French tyre manufacturer based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne région of France. It is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world after Bridgestone and larger than both Goodyear and Continental. In addition to the Michelin brand, it also owns the BFGoodrich, Kleber, Tigar, Riken, Kormoran and Uniroyal tire brands.

Product Reviews

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Tire Size
P275/65R18 114T
Manufacturer Part Number: 05107
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating [?]:T
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Load Index:114
Tire Category:All Season
O.D. [?]:32.1
UTQG [?]:420-A-B
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