Laufenn Tires S Fit AS Tire

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The Ultra-High Performance All-Season S FIT AS provides great handling and grip in high speed conditions for drivers who want exceptional performance and comfort. Four wide, straight tread grooves provide Efficient water drainage in wet conditions for improved vehicle stability. Streamlined Kerfs and sipes, developed with 3D hydroplaning simulation technology, enables more efficient water drainage on wet roads and improved grip in winter conditions. An optimised five variable pitch stiffness distribution tread block design ensures minimum vibration and noise as well as improved riding comfort. Advanced asymmetric pattern design provides an excellent braking performance under wet and dry road conditions. Tie Bars that connect the shoulder blocks reinforce the stiffness of the shoulder tread for maximum cornering grip and minimised irregular wear. A 4 straight groove design improves stability on wet road surfaces. Rib block sections at the tire’s edge help to prevent noise generated by the road surface ensuring a quiet ride.

This is not another run-of-the-mill Chinese brand. Laufenn tires are manufactured at Hankook’s state-of-the-art tire plant in Bekasi, Indonesia. The name was derived from the German word ‘laufen’ which means ‘run’. Laufenn tires are for consumers who are looking for a more practical set of tires that will still deliver dollops of performance and style.

Product Reviews

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Laufenn Tires S Fit AS Tire
Tire Size
245/45R17XL 99W
Manufacturer Part Number: 1017217
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating:W
Load Index:99
Section Width:245
UTQG:500 A A
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:168 mph
Size Short:245/45-17
Size Long:245/45R17XL 99W
Our Price: