Landgolden Tires LGT57 A/T
Landgolden Tires LGT57 A/T

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The Landgolden LGT57 A/T is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for light trucks. <p>The tire increases the steering responsiveness and the driving stability with the better road gripping ability. <p>The tread’s optimal shoulder pattern increases the cornering and maneuvering capability. <p>The reinforced construction upgrades the driving and load durability. <p>The tread design upgrades the soft, loose and uneven terrain gripping capability, while they also maintain a clean footprint and prevent stone retention. <p>The LGT57 A/T ensures first-rate all weather traction.

Landgolden Limited Corporation has established itself as a new leader in the tire industry.By making production and foreign trade in one company, Landgolden Limited Corporation is continuously foused on developing and producing environmental, high- performancing and best quality semi steel radial vehicle tires and providing effective customer service. Landgolden Limited Corporation offers only the finest products, main brand named LANDGOLDEN. Landgolden Limited Corporation specializes in private branding and Original Equipment development.all our tire lines are constantly updated and expanded to address and ever changing marketplace Equipment development. Landgolden Limited Corporation is committed to helping its customers expand their markets and profitability by providing quality products, competitive prices and a full range of point-of-sale materials.

Product Reviews

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Tire Size
LT275/65R20 126/123S 10 Ply
Manufacturer Part Number: 841623119492
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating [?]:S
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Load Index:126/123
O.D. [?]:34.200000000000003
Construction:10 Ply Rated
Speed Rating:112 mph
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