Haida Tires HD927 Tire
Haida Tires HD927 Tire
Haida Tires HD927 Tire

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Outside strong blocks design enables the tire to follow the road's surface contours more closely, helps to reduce blocks deformation while speed cornering, and enhances steering precision and better grip.<p> Inside wide rib grooves ensures effective water dispersion.<p> Sequential blocks design improves tread rib hardness, enhances braking performance.<p> Wide rib grooves effectively removes water, provides shorter braking distances and safer handling on we roads.<p> Racing compound technology provides superior grip performance on wet road surfaces.

Backed by a rich heritage of engineering excellence in tire manufacturing, Haida is a world-renowned brand of premium tires for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The brand prides itself on being the only large-scale national designated backbone enterprise, which is able to offer high-end commercial and passenger car radial tires through the use of constant research and diversified product development, technological advancements and state-of-the-art innovation. From all-steel commercial radial tires to semi-steel passenger car radial tires, Haida has the tire you need.

Product Reviews

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Haida Tires HD927 TireHaida Tires HD927 TireHaida Tires HD927 Tire
Tire Size
245/40ZR20 99W
Manufacturer Part Number: 30017308
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating:W
Sidewall Style:Black Side Wall
Load Index:99
Tire Category:All Season
Section Width:245
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:168 mph
Size Short:245/40-20
Size Long:245/40ZR20 99W
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