Fullway Tires HS288 Passenger All Season Tire
Fullway Tires HS288 Passenger All Season Tire

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The Fullway HS288 is an all season touring tire made for SUV, crossover and light truck vehicles. <p>Directional and aggressive tread pattern provides superb traction and strong passing-by performance. <p>Twin-wide longitudinal grooves laterally biased groove design conducts water away from the contact area while combating irregular wear. <p>Internally, 2 layers of specialized high-tensile steel belts reinforced by nylon and 2 layers of HMLS polyester bodyplies helps stabilize the tread area and enhance handling as well as high speed capability. <p>Wide rolling tread width, helped by stiff bead filler and semi-continuous center ribs specialized for high speed stability, confident cornering and superior traction. <p>Optimized multi-pitch alignment and sipe distribution help minimize noise generation. <p>Exclusive compound creates a confident grip to maintain control on serious roads without sacrificing durability.

Fullway tires offers great performance combined with a superior road grip for a safe and smooth driving experience. Fullway tires also offers sophisticated winter, summer and all weather tires with special treads that are optimized for different weather conditions. All tire models have excellent braking and traction under wet as well as dry weather conditions.

Product Reviews

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Fullway Tires HS288 Passenger All Season TireFullway Tires HS288 Passenger All Season Tire
Tire Size
305/45R22XL 118V
Manufacturer Part Number: HS2882201
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating [?]:V
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Load Index:118
Section Width:305
UTQG [?]:420AA
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:149 mph
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