EFX Tires MotoVator R/T ATV/UTV Tire

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Designed and tested by desert racers, the MotoVator R/T is the latest hard pack performance tire from EFX. <p>The MotoVator R/T is light weight and designed for low rolling resistance which makes it perfect for those long desert trips.

EFX Performance UTV &amp; ATV Tires have been at the forefront of engineering the world’s best performing offroad tires. We take our designs serious, spending countless hours in the field to ensure that each and every approved tread pattern is the best tire we can produce. Each and every tire design we manufacture has been abused in the mountains of Colorado, flats of California and the backwoods to Texas to ensure that no matter your terrain preference, we have a tread that fits your style. See how EFX can improve your machine’s performance, safety and stability.

Product Reviews

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EFX Tires MotoVator R/T ATV/UTV Tire
Tire Size
32x9.5015Offroad R 8 Ply
Manufacturer Part Number: MVR-32-95-15
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating [?]:R
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Section Width:32
Construction:8 Ply Rated
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:106 mph
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