Delinte Tires DS8 UHP Tire
Delinte Tires DS8 UHP Tire
Delinte Tires DS8 UHP Tire

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The DS8 is an all-season ultra-high-performance tire designed for dominating traction when it comes to laying down power.</p><p>Get the most out of your muscle car or high torque SUVs by completing the most important link to your vehicle.</p><p>These tires will make sure that all your horsepower is translated to where it is most important, the asphalt.</p><p>Staggered fitments and three levels of traction.</p><p>Big block tread patterns maximize contact with the road when you have a wide-open throttle, down the line or cutting the apex in turns.</p><p>The wide cutting main grooves can evacuate water effectively at high speeds.</p><p>Angled slots move rain and snow out of the tire tread, giving you a better rubber to tarmac connection.

Delinte is making a name for itself as a high-quality aftermarket UHP tire for sports sedans like Audi A6, BMW and Benz. you are looking to replace tires for your Audi A6, BMW, Benz or other sports sedan, check out Delinte tires. Drivers of sports sedans expect a lot out of their cars in terms of handling and performance, and Delinte's line of UHP tires are definitely up to the task. With European-style engineering, manufacturing methods and materials, Delinte is an excellent choice for a replacement tire on your sports coupe or sports sedan.

Product Reviews

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Delinte Tires DS8 UHP TireDelinte Tires DS8 UHP TireDelinte Tires DS8 UHP Tire
Tire Size
295/25R28XL 116Y
Manufacturer Part Number: 024534D
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating:186 mph (300 km/h)
Load Index:2756lb carrying capacity
Section Width:295
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:186 mph
Size Short:295/25-28
Size Long:295/25R28XL 116Y
Our Price: