Delinte Tires AW5 Passenger All Season Tire
Delinte Tires AW5 Passenger All Season Tire

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Designed for any season, and all types of weather. <p>The AW5’s tread compound and pattern are specifically designed to deliver high performance all year round, in any type of weather. <p>Numerous biting edges provide increased traction in wet, snowy, or icy conditions. <p>Pattern blocks within contain high-density waves of stereoscopic sipes, which allows the tire to maintain block rigidity and enhances both control and performance. <p>Big Pattern Outside Block Design (Increased rigidity is provided, increasing control and elevating performance). <p>Quiet Ride Pitch Alignment (Road noise caused by resonance is heavily reduced, due to computer optimized tread pattern pitches). <p>Inside Multiple Cross Pattern Design (Allows the tire to absorb more snow, making the trapped snow stronger. <p>This provides the tire with enhanced traction and grip on icy roads and winter conditions). <p>Wide Longitudinal Drainage Grooves (Designed for peak performance in the rain and snow, due to the three wide longitudinal drainage grooves which channel road water out from underneath the tire).

Delinte is making a name for itself as a high-quality aftermarket UHP tire for sports sedans like Audi A6, BMW and Benz. you are looking to replace tires for your Audi A6, BMW, Benz or other sports sedan, check out Delinte tires. Drivers of sports sedans expect a lot out of their cars in terms of handling and performance, and Delinte's line of UHP tires are definitely up to the task. With European-style engineering, manufacturing methods and materials, Delinte is an excellent choice for a replacement tire on your sports coupe or sports sedan.

Product Reviews

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Delinte Tires AW5 Passenger All Season TireDelinte Tires AW5 Passenger All Season Tire
Tire Size
195/60R15 88H
Manufacturer Part Number: 6901532472232
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating:H
Sidewall Style:Black Side Wall
Load Index:88
Section Width:195
UTQG:360 A A
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:130 mph
Our Price: