Bridgestone Tires Potenza RE050A Runflat/MOE/II Passenger Summer Tire

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Original equipment on many high-performance vehicles, the Potenza RE050A-1 RFT is built for the pleasure of driving.

This tire comes loaded with race-proven technology: UNI-T for outstanding wet and dry traction, a tread pattern that promotes rapid water evacuation, variable dimensions in the tread blocks, and the smoother shape to reduce road noise.

An asymmetrical pattern in the RE050A tread increases surface contact to enhance acceleration and cornering.

Put this Potenza through its paces and discover what ultra-high performance really means.

CO-CS (Computer Optimized Component System) maximizes tire performance by optimizing the appropriate combination of tread design, casing shape, materials and construction.

O-Bead improves uniformity and ride comfort through use of a single continuous strand of cable in the bead construction.

LL Carbon (Long Link) helps improve tread wear and resist cracking, chipping and tearing through the use of a special long leght carbon structure.

Spiral wrap provides a higher level of uniformity and high speed capability through use of a continuous nylon wrap.

Rim guard protects wheels from curb damage through raised rubber ridge.

Bridgestone manufactures world-class tires for nearly every kind of vehicle, from a kart tire that stands only 10 inches high to a 13-foot-tall giant radial for earth-moving equipment. In addition, Bridgestone is also recognized internationally for producing a variety of other products, including building and industrial materials, natural rubber, and industrial fibers and textiles.

Product Reviews

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Bridgestone Tires Potenza RE050A Runflat/MOE/II Passenger Summer Tire
Tire Size
P275/40R18 99W
Manufacturer Part Number: 034111
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating:W
Load Index:99
Section Width:275
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:168 mph
Is Run Flat?:Yes
Size Short:275/40-18
Size Long:P275/40R18 99W
Our Price: