BFGoodrich Tires BFGoodrich Tires Mud-Terrain T/A KM3
BFGoodrich Tires BFGoodrich Tires Mud-Terrain T/A KM3
BFGoodrich Tires BFGoodrich Tires Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

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Extreme toughness and traction. Proven reliability. The all-new BFGoodrich KM3 tire delivers off-road performance unlike any mud-terrain tire before it. Featuring enhanced CoreGard Max technology for tougher sidewalls and Krawl-TEK tread compound for better grip and traction, the KM3 is built from the ground-up to conquer any terrain.

We usually post the warranty here, but BFG has a whopper of a warranty page, so here it is instead for you: BF Goodrich Warranty
Performance Plus Tire has been a loyal B.F.Goodrich dealer for over 35 years. We have lived through their original merger with Uniroyal Tire and the eventual purchase by Michelin Tire of France. We have sold B.F.Goodrich Radial T/A's through 4 product generations and remember vividly the introduction of the original B.F.Goodrich All Terrain T/A - we have sold it from day one. Members of our staff have even pit crewed for the B.F.Goodrich race team at the Baja 500 Off Road Race. We have grown up with these products and continue to love to sell them.<br>With the support of Michelin, B.F.Goodrich Tire has evolved into a market leader in Ultra High Performance, High Performance, Sport Touring and Street Legal Drag Tires. The light truck lineup is the industry standard with its offerings All Terrain, Mud Terrain, Rock Crawler and Sport Utility Tires. The size offerings continue to lead the market. B.F Goodrich has enjoyed original equipment positions on some of America's finest vehicles.
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Headline:Great tire!!!
Comment:Wanted to go with a bigger tire on my F350, got these. They do have an aggresive looking tread, but ride great and don't make too much noise. A low hum on the highway.
Location:Lawndale, NC
Posted:On Apr 23, 2019 by Tommy
BFGoodrich Tires Mud-Terrain T/A KM3BFGoodrich Tires Mud-Terrain T/A KM3BFGoodrich Tires Mud-Terrain T/A KM3
Tire Size
LT275/65R18 123/120Q 10 Ply
Manufacturer Part Number: 07111
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating [?]:Q
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Load Index:123/120
O.D. [?]:32.1
Section Width:275
Construction:10 Ply Rated
Tire Construction:Radial
Speed Rating:99 mph
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