Arroyo Tires Grand Sport A/S Tire
Arroyo Tires Grand Sport A/S Tire

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All Season performance.

Assymetrical design for more contact and cornering capability.

Urgen steering response and grip.

Design to work for all seasons.

4 wide longitudinal grooves provide good drainage performance, keep excellent handling performance in wet road.

Anti eccentric wear belts on outer shoulder can increase the tread contact area at braking to obtain uniform contract pressure, which can avoid the eccentric wear.

Closed slanted grooves can disturb the spread direction of noise to decrease noise.

Closed slanted grooves also can provide stability during cornering.

Wide Grooves and fine sipes design can destroy water film to guarantee the drainage performance effectively , and reduce noise greatly, providing a comfortable driving experience.

Optimization of pitch width and sequence effectively reduce the noise resonance, resulting in a quieter ride.

Arroyo Tires is an innovative brand made with the most advanced technology to bring you the best quality with the safety in mind. Whether you like to ride fast or like take it slow, rule the road when you choose Arroyo. Arroyo Tires offers superior performance, precision handling, braking grip, comfort and durability along with low noise level. Arroyo Tires are dedicated to delivering enhanced savings and operational efficiencies while reducing environmental impact. Arroyo Tires' all-season tires are a perfect fit for any vehicle. Peruse through these grooves until you find what’s right for you!
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Headline:Not what i expected
Comment:the tire is a low grade tire, its not for a sport sedan .
Posted:On Oct 18, 2022 by Anthony Parker
Arroyo Tires Grand Sport A/S TireArroyo Tires Grand Sport A/S Tire