Accelera Tires Accelera Tires IOTA - ST68
Accelera Tires Accelera Tires IOTA - ST68

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The Accelera Iota ST-68 is the latest design in the Accelera Ultra High Performance range.<p> It features an asymmetric tread design with two large central &amp; two smaller shoulder circumferential grooves to increase stability and reduce hydroplaning.<p> The dynamic pattern block combination enhances wet traction.<p> The staggered diagonal sipes are designed to reduce road noise over the previous Iota pattern.<p> Built for large cars and road going SUV's, you will not be disappointed by choosing this fantastic pattern.
Accelera tires are ultra-high performance tires designed for elegance and safety. Accelera tires provide maximum grip, comfort and protection without compromising on style. Developed especially for drivers that care about the role of tire technology in enhancing vehicle performance and safety, Accelera tires provide immense durability, handling, and traction while increasing tread life.

Product Reviews

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Accelera Tires IOTA - ST68Accelera Tires IOTA - ST68
Tire Size
235/55R20 102V
Manufacturer Part Number: 1200045260
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Tire Specifications
Speed Rating [?]:V
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Load Index:102
O.D. [?]:30.1
Section Width:235
Speed Rating:149 mph
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