The dimensions of a 235/35-19 tire are

9.3” wide (section width) & 25.5” tall (outside dia)

The section width is 235mm wide

(There are 25.4mm to an inch)

STEP 1) 235mm divided by 25.4” = 9.25” (section width)

STEP 2) Multiply 9.25 (section width) by .35 (aspect ratio)

9.25 x .35 = 3.24” (section height)

To find the outside diameter

Multiply 3.24 (section height) x 2 then add rim diameter

STEP 3) 3.24” x 2 = 6.48” + 19.0” = 25.48” round out to 25.5  (outside dia)

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5 Responses to Formula for Calculating Tire Dimensions

    • Those aren’t too wide, but might be too tall. A 235/50R17 will fit without issue, and it has a 27.2″ outside diameter. The 235/60R17 has a 28.1″ outside diameter. It might work, but it may rub in he fenders.

  1. I have a ’16 Toyota Tundra and I . just put on fender flairs, I’m looking to get new tires and I would like to go a bit wider and taller. I currently have Bridgestone 275/55R20 111H. What size tire would you recommend?

  2. I am looking to buy 605 ridler 17″by 7″ with 4.5 bs front and 18″by 8″ with 4.5 bs rear wheels with Hankook 255/40zr17 front and 275/35/zr18 rear tires so i used a tire calculator and came up with 25″ tire height on front and 25.6″ tire height on rear
    I currently have p235 60 14 on 14″ wheels now and tire calculator comes out to 25.1″ for tire height on all four.
    With those calculations would the ridler wheels and tire combination work

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