Here are a few facts about wheel fasteners you should know before you bolt up your wheels on your ride.

In order to match your lug nuts or bolts to your wheels, ensure:

  1. Proper Fastener Seat
    There are 3 basic type fastener seats;

    1. Conical Seat – cone shape
    2. Spherical Seat – round or ball shape
    3. Flat Washer – commonly known as Mag Type

    Be sure the fastener seat matches the seat in the wheel.

  2. Proper Thread Size.There are several different thread sizes used today by vehicle manufacturers;
    1. 12mm X 1.25
    2. 12mm X 1.5
    3. 12mm X 1.75
    4. 14mm X 1.5
    5. 14mm X 2.0
    6. 7/16″ X 20
    7. 1/2″ X 20
    8. 9/16″ X 18

    Two other things to remember; 1) do not put oil or lubricant on the threads of either the stud or lugs nuts/bolts, and 2) re-torque the lug nuts/bolts after 25-50 miles.

  3. Proper Thread Engagement.This is critically important. Make sure you have a minimum thread engagement of the diameter of the vehicle stud (as recommended by SAE). An example is, if the stud size of your vehicle is ½” then you will need a minimum of ½” of threads into the lug nut. If for some reason you do not have this minimum then it is recommended that you use an ET Type nut (Extended Thread) (see illustration). ET Type nuts are useful when using spacers (that will be another subject in a future TECH Stuff).
  4. Proper Torque (tightening)This is also very important. Over tightening lug nuts/bolts can fatigue the vehicle studs or lug bolts. Use the SAE recommended torque listed below as a guideline for passenger cars and light trucks;
    12mm, 7/16″, 1/2″ = 85 ft/lbs (+/- 5 ft/lbs)
    14mm, 9/16″ = 115 ft/lbs (+/- 5 ft/lbs)
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13 Responses to A Few Facts About Lug Nuts

    • If you order wheels we will offer lug nuts at checkout for a little extra. Caps are a little more difficult. If the product needs a cap it will usually say that in the description and usually provide a link to the cap (in the product page or the cart).

  1. having trouble determining correct nuts for type 164 wheelc ones shipped with wheels do not fit correctly bob tears please call me 814 868 4032 !!!!

  2. Is there any way possible to change my 14×1.5 lug bolts to the 12×1.5? Can I change all of the bolts ? Is there some sort of adaptor piece?

  3. I have a 98 chevy k 3500, with a Corporate 14 bolt rear differential with 14mm wheel studs.
    I did a Dana conversion in the front which has 9/16″ studs. Do you know of a 9/16″ stud that will fit in the rear in place of the 14mm studs so I can have 9/16″ lug nuts on all 4 corners? Thanking you in advance for any helpful information.

  4. I have a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport, I have a friend offer to sell me the Wheels and Tires off his 2014 Jeep Gran Cherokee for a great deal. However when I looked to see if they where combat-able I noticed everything is the same except my Stud size is 1/2×20 and his says 14mmX150 does this mean his wheels will not fit on my Wrangler? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.

  5. The only thing that looks similar to my lug nuts are closed spline?? My current ones are open splined, should that be an issue ?

  6. What type of lug nuts do American racing wheels pn vn2157765 require? I have conical seat (stock type) 1/2×20 lugs in 13/16 size, need to know if the will work with these wheels before I buy. Thanks.

  7. I have a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and i want to purchase the Wheels and Tires off a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. On the specs, everything is the same except my Stud size is 1/2×20 and the Jeep JL stud size is 14mmX150. Will these wheels fit on my Wrangler?

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