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Excelsior's Vintage 1 tires. H Speed rated, 130 mph. DOT and ECE approved. Proven quality and reliability. Track tested and approved. Well known three block European style tread design.

Excelsior Vintage Tires and Excelsior Vintage Race Tires feature vintage race designs in DOT approved tires that are excellent for restored race cars, hot rods and custom builds. The Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial is an incredibly popular vintage race-styled tire with a completely modern radial tire construction inside. The Stahl Sport Radial is extremely popular with hot rodders who love to drive their cars, both for their stylish good looks and for their long-wearing performance on the road.

Product Reviews

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Antique Size
Manufacturer Part Number: 728982
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Antique Specifications
Sidewall Style [?]:Black Side Wall
Tire Category:Bias Ply
O.D. [?]:28.7
Tread Width [?]:3.5
Section Width:5.3
Construction:4 PLY NYLON
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